Every small business needs a website. Period! In today’s environment, it’s crazy not to have a web presence. Even if you get all of your current work from word-of-mouth (and I know lots who do), you still need to be on the internet, somewhere.

Why do need a website and don’t even know it…

Grand Victorian Door Company website
Grand Victorian Door Company website

I have found over the last 17 years of running businesses that the big bucks come from a website. Is YOUR website allowing you to name your price?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein

You need a website

When you rely on business from word-of-mouth or footfall (e.g. you own a cafe or flooring shop), customers will usually not pay more than the ‘going rate’. It’s just the way customers brain cells work. But, when you put yourself out there, on a website, you can compete with the big boys and name your price.


Andy, a window cleaner, has got all of his work from neighbours of the customers he cleans windows for. When the potential customer asks the price, he has to quote the £5 he is charging Janice, who owns the house he’s working on right now. Forever!

We create him a website, not only do we offer window cleaning service, we offer gutter cleaning, jet washing the driveway and office window cleaning.

Andy gets an enquiry through the website for window cleaning round the corner from Janet’s. He quotes £10, he gets the job. In twelve months half of his window cleaning jobs pay £10 but he’s taken on Tony for two days a week to clean gutters and jet wash driveways. Andy’s business has evolved, he’s discovered new income streams and is moving away from a market that is saturated and low paid.

£10 may not seem worth it but if Andy’s overheads were £2 per house, he’s tripled his profit!

If you rank in Google for a term that a customer searches for (AKA keyword or keyphrase), they visit your website and like it, you’re much more likely to make the sale. There are many advantages of presenting what you do on a website.

1. Reassure

Firstly, when a potential customer searches for something on the internet, they are either at the point of wanting to purchase something or not far off. All you have to do for these people is reassure them that your company is reputable, your product or service is good and then give them an easy way to complete their purchase or make a booking.

2. Name Your Price

Play your hand
Play your hand

I spoke to a tiler, who lays those beautiful Victorian tiles in hallways, about three months ago. He told me that he charges £1000 to lay the tiles in Claire’s hallway, which was 3-4 square metres. I asked him if he had a website. He told me he doesn’t need one because he gets all his work from ‘word-of-mouth’ and he’s always busy. My joiner, Shawn, agreed that he didn’t need one.

What they don’t realise is that when you’re busy and have a website, you can name your price!


When you have customers queuing up, you don’t turn them away, you put your price up. The tiler above, having half a dozen customers booked in should tell the next one that the price is £1300. Once he has half a dozen booked in at £1300, he should tell the next it’s £1600 until he’s got 4 booked in. Then he’s found his optimal price point and can stick to that until things change.

So, we’ve earned the tiler an extra £600 per job but we can go even further than that.

When you have a website, you’re reaching people you had no idea existed. Sometimes your visitors don’t have the budget and seeing the price, they learn something from your website and go elsewhere. That’s fine.


Sometimes website visitors are mega-rich and sometimes they’re more passionate about what you do than you are. The best bit is that with your constant £1600 per hallway coming in, you can ask for £2000 for the same job on your website. If you get one job a month from the website it’s worth it. BUT, in my experience, you won’t just get one job a month, you’ll end up getting all of your work from it and you can stop working to get the work.

Your website looks amazing and can showcase your products and services in their best light. Visitors can come and go, spend all night on there, poring over the photos, reading your blogs. Now and again I get customers telling me they’re stalking me! Honestly. What’s amazing about this is that I’ve made no effort to get them where they are. They’re ready to make a purchase.


I started my joinery business in 2006 as ‘Chris Waldron Handyman Services’. By 2010 we specialised in joinery as Bolton Joinery Ltd and changed to The Grand Victorian Door Company in 2015 as all we did then was front doors.

Victorian front door
Victorian front door

In 2015, I actually supplied and fitted a front door for £369!

With a few photographs under my belt and on the website, I soon had plenty of orders and too many phone calls. Answering the phone was bugging me. I put the price up JUST to stop the phone calls!

I still got orders.

I put the price up again and took my phone number off the website.

I still got orders.

Now that same door is £2900 (before we talk about glass) and the premium front door is £10,000.

Now tell me without hesitating that the tiler doesn’t need a website. Everyone needs a website and they don’t even know why. Something to think about eh?

My coding background

I started coding when I was 11 years old on a now ancient Toshiba, MSX machine. In my twenties, I learned how to use Visual Basic to manipulate the front end in Excel, and put together some databases for the NHS, used to enter data and print off reports, letters and envelopes.

This was 1998, the year Google was founded. Then, I started designing websites.

WordPress is the future, now!

WordPress is the best platform to house your website, BUT, there are so many plugins available that designers bow to customers demands and make their websites so complex that they are still slow and very confusing to the customers who fall into them.

I use a theme that is so stripped back of code they are unbelievably fast to load. My design also makes them very simple

Using only minimal plugins, plus plugins that optimise the code, I can make websites that load very fast. This not only improves the customer experience, it pleases Google no end because the user experience is better than your competition!

Now imagine the billions that have gone into making 5G happen. Imagine, in a world where the demand for speed is so high, where this leaves business owners with a slow website!

Allow me to reassure you that having one of our Small Business Websites as part of your team, you will be seen by more customers ready to ‘buy’ and the potential customers you drive to your website will be more likely to choose YOU.

Take a look

Have I assured you that you need a website that is simple, easy to navigate, fast and keyword-rich?

Take a look at my Small Business Website package and let’s create one that actually works FOR YOU.

Or, if you have a website that looks pretty and think it’s the bee’s knees after paying a thousand pounds for it, allow me to give you some honest figures that show you where it really is.