Here’s a closer look at the ongoing website support we can offer. I’m happy to create your website and you run with it, that’s all great but hopefully, you’ll accept a helping hand once you’re off the ground. Look at what I can do for you.

website support

OK, your website is up and running, you start writing blogs, putting events or products on it, you drive some traffic through your Facebook page and you get your first sale, WOW. That is amazing.

I believe your website is your best asset these days. If we spend some time and use the right knowledge, we can bring traffic (potential customers) to your website while you’re doing better things than creating posts for social. Some of these nice people will make a purchase while you are sleeping.

We can make that happen!

What you get each month

Let’s have a chat about how we increase your ‘organic’ traffic, i.e. get potential customers coming to your website after searching on Google.

When I’ve built your website this is what I offer every month as an ongoing strategy.

  • KEYWORD RESEARCH – to provide you with five keywords (to use in your content pages) that are more likely to rank in Google.
  • WRITE ONE BLOG – unique to your business. Written about your desired subject, completely keyword optimised to rank in Google, it will also contain a call to action routing the reader to a product, event or service you offer.
  • FREE EMAIL ACCOUNT – using your domain – e.g.
  • SUBSCRIPTION BOX – I’ll create a subscription box on your website so we can start compiling your email list. We then have the option to send email campaigns out. You can even give me a list to import or we can connect to an existing CMS.
  • YOUR MONTHLY NEWSLETTER – I’ll send out a newsletter or email, written by you to engage with your new email list and promote a service, product or blog.
  • ONGOING EMAIL TIPS – Regular emails helping you build and optimise your website.
  • MONTHLY FOCUSSED CONVERSATION about how we can improve the performance of the website.
  • MONTHLY REPORT – on the performance and progress of your website showing domain authority, page speed, traffic and ranking keyword data.
  • MONTHLY HEALTH CHECK – and general maintenance, I’ll also have a look around and let you know if there is anything you can improve.

Ongoing Website Support


This is a recurring payment of £100 pcm, just like a direct debit, but through Paypal.

Don’t have a website?

To get your website up and running have a look at what we can do.

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