As a website designer, I’m on a mission to improve small business website design for people like you. Websites that are simple in design, get noticed on Google and are VERY FAST.

Google announced a long time ago now that page speed is king, especially since 60% of visits are on a mobile device, and I’m shocked that so many small businesses run a slow site. Some business owners don’t even have an internet presence and in today’s climate, I ask… Why?

Small businesses need a web presence

There has never been a more important time for a small business to have a presence on the internet, from a cafe to car sales. Social media has gone crazy in the last few years. Lots of people will only ever speak to or see each other on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Imagine, the thousands of people who could see and share your brand every day, the people who might think they need your product, or your service, and tell a friend; if only it was out there.

Even if your website is only a landing page to which you drive traffic from social, or a hub where they pay for their window cleaning, it will work for you, maybe as you sleep at night.

Website design done right

A friend of mine was ripped off by a website designer who called himself the ‘Keyword Kiddie’. After nine months online, John’s website had a page speed of 3/100 and his organic traffic, month on month, was… Zero!

I’ve just been commissioned to create John a new website. By the end of this week, the design will be nice and simple. The Google Page Speed will be over 95/100. We’ll follow the progress of this site over the coming months.

After programming for well over 30 years and building websites since the same year Google was founded, I have found a way to make a new website with a Google Page Speed of 99/100. I design websites that are simple to avoid confusion and make it easier to get what you’re there for.

I can’t do things by half and I can’t pretend that I can do what I honestly can’t do.

So, what about YOUR website?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein

Do you hear yourself saying any of these statements?

  • My website seems really slow.
  • Nobody comes to my website.
  • My website doesn’t look good enough.
  • I run a small business and have no website.

If any of the above rings true, you MUST change what you are doing.

Here’s your chance to finally get a website that looks simple and sleek, a website that works for you, a website that works for your customers (page speed again), a website that brings you customers when you’re at the gym, in a meeting or in Tesco doing the big shop.

I’m the man for the job!

My promise to you…


Chris Waldron - Small business websites
Chris Waldron – Small business websites

What do you need?

If you want:

  • a website that gives your customers what they want
  • a website that helps your customers find you
  • a website that is fast, beautiful and sleek

Here’s your chance.