Optimised blogs are the best way to lure visitors to your website. Writing articles on topics within your niche will give value to readers and convince them that YOU are an expert in your field. Bring people in with a good blog and you have a good chance of making them a customer. Even if they don’t buy anything, they’ve helped your rankings by just being there, which will attract even more visitors.

Optimised Blogs

Writing a thousand-word blog post for your website after carrying out detailed keyword research to get it ranked by Google, is a sure-fire way of establishing yourself as an authority in a subject. When you have the interest of a visitor you can then direct them to even more of the goodies they came for in the first place, maybe even sell them some of your wares.

One blog won’t get us to rank for a broad keyword like ‘Fit Bit’ so we must play a different game. Doing some keyword research, we can find search-terms that have a small ‘search results to search volume ratio’ (this means less competition). Looking at the top 10 results for these search-terms will tell us the authority of the sites who are ranking for them and give us an idea if we are going to rank.

When we find some ideal keywords and rank for them, we’ll build our authority in that niche and slowly but surely get ranked for the bigger search-terms.

Keyword Research

As part of your Website Support, I do keyword research in your niche and find you 5 keywords that you are more likely to rank for. You can use these keywords in your own blogs to get a top ten position in Google.

When we speak, ask me about keyword research and how you can use it to get your own blogs ranked. I’ll tell you how to put a blog together and use the ‘vulnerable keywords’ to show search engines that you are the authority in that subject.

I can write you a blog

Of course, I can write those blogs for you. Here’s what’s included.

  • 1000 words (or specify)
  • Keyword optimised
  • Grammar checked
  • Plagiarism checked
  • Posted to your website with images (provided by you)

Optimised blog (with Your Images)


Optimised blog with Images