Creating a product on your website with WooCommerce is like writing a blog. The keywords and the images contribute to your SEO. I’ve seen products created and ranked in Google within hours. Having WooCommerce products is also a good idea because you can link them to your Facebook and Instagram shop, then you can link to them in your photos and have potential customers click through straight from social. A much easier sell.

Let’s create a product and see what fields we need to fill in to stand a chance of Google discovering it, and of course, customers be interested enough to read more and buy the product.

WooCommerce Product Title

Firstly, and I think most importantly, we need a good title for the product.

Your title must describe the product brilliantly and contain keywords that potential customers will search for. The title you choose will automatically be used for your ‘slug’ (the url of the product) unless you change it. The title will be used for and will show up in Google search results.

WoofTub (bathtub groundsheet for dog)

My product title

Product Description

The next obvious thing to fill in is the description. This text is just like the copy you would write for a blog that you want to rank in search engines but remember, you’re trying to sell something, not give them it’s life story.

It also is the text that will finalise the buying process in your customers. Without a good description, all the good work you’ve done to get the potential customer to see your product will be lost.

Use keywords relating to your product within your description, space these out and try to have your main keyword in your first line.

Take your pup wild camping and give them a nice dry bathtub groundsheet of their own to lie in.

First line of my product description

Cover Image

The next most important thing for your product is a cover image. Without this, you will probably never sell one item. Most people need an image to buy something. How do you react to a product on eBay when there is no image?

OookWorks WoofTub
OookWorks WoofTub

Your image must show your product off and show how it will work for the customer.

The dimensions of the image should match the theme your using in your shop also. I have four images in each row in my shop and use square images. Make sure that the image you use works in your shop, then check it on the mobile.

I’m told that the last couple of years, the ratio of mobile purchases was about 60% (depends on your products), and it’s rising quickly. The figures for buying on mobile in 2020 will be staggering, and let there be no doubt that this will carry through to 2021 and beyond.

Other fields you MUST fill in…


This is not used for SEO in search engines but it needs to hook your audience and reel them in to take a look at your product.

Take your pup wild camping and give them a nice dry WoofTub of their own to lie in. Made from 70D Silnylon it’s tough, waterproof and ultralight.

My product snippet

Product Category

Put the product in a category. This will help Google determine what sort of product it is.

You can also separate your products into categories in your shop. You could even have a page dedicated to a specific product.

Product Tags

Add keywords in the ‘Product tags’ box so search engines know what the product is.

Type of Product

If you are just selling an item with no variations, make it a ‘Simple Product’ and give it a price in the ‘Regular Price’ field. In the inventory tab, tell WooCommerce how many products you have for sale and when to alert you that stock is running low, do this so you never have to worry about products running out of stock on the site.

Short Description

Fill in the ‘Product short description’. This can often be overlooked but it’s important because it shows up by the side of the product image when the customer opens the product page. It will entice them to scroll down and read more.

If you use research your keywords and use them wisely, your product should rank in search engines.

If you are going to post your products on social media, make sure that you choose a photo that suits the main media (on Facebook for example). Also, if you want the short description to read differently (maybe your Facebook audience is already ‘warm’).


Most importantly, you need to give your product a price so the potential buyer knows exactly how much they will pay. No brainer.


The SKU is the code you use to distinguish a product from others, it stands for Stock Taking Unit. This will help you take control of what you are selling and the stock you have in. Use unique SKUs.


These are the main fields that you MUST complete when selling a product on WooCommerce. There may be others depending on your product but they’re not always necessary. If you think I’ve missed something, or you would like to let me know how this post has helped you, please do that in the comments below.

Good luck.