Trying to rank for popular search terms is very hard so building authority in a niche is extremely important. New websites with little or no domain authority, Googles judgement on how much value your website offers, just cant shout loud enough to be heard in the big game of getting up there on the front page.

Building Authority in your niche

I started writing blogs on a travel website in 1998 and now have a number of blogging websites, I now offer a number of blogging services for YOUR website.

After posting an article only 6 days ago on the Robustours website…

5 Reasons Why You’re Ready To Take On 50,000 Steps In One Day

Keyword ranking
Keyword ranking

…I see this morning that Google has ranked straight in at number 22 for the search term ‘50000 steps a day’!

11 May 2020

It then gets bumped up to number 3. The fitbit blog and another 100,000 steps post seems to be helping build authority in this area.

9 June 2020
50000 in at number 3
50000 in at number 3

Although there are only 50 people use this search term each month, this is a great result.

If we continue posting strong articles around health and fitness, Google will give us ‘authority’ in this subject and move us up the rankings on ALL posts like this.


Think of Doctor Hilary Jones. Whenever GMTV need an expert in health for a TV report, they give him a ring. Whenever Google need an answer to a health and fitness question, they will show the websites they see as authorities in the subject.

This example is to show you what we’re doing works and encourage you to create blog posts, whether its me who writes them or not, its so important.

Optimised cover images for social media
Optimised cover images for social media

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